Back Together!
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In-Person Learning for Connecticut’s Kids

The Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) is excited to welcome students back to school for in-person learning. Kids learn best when they are in classrooms, in-person, every day.

Peer-to-peer time is important. Being together allows students to work collaboratively in order to problem solve, grow, and thrive. The connection between students and educators is also a key part of the learning process—and in-person learning allows for that to happen in deeper and more meaningful ways.

CSDE is also committed to supporting the health and safety of our students, our educators, and our communities.

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How Families and Caregivers Can Help

Attendance is important—from the very first day of school to the last. We know this school year feels different for everyone, but getting back into the classroom is so important. Children thrive with their educators and friends, where they have access to the social interaction and collaboration that school provides.

Many families rely on school lunch programs and support services. School time also means access to clubs, sports, and more. By being in-person, schools can meet students’ needs fully.

For the latest news and policy information, please visit the Connecticut State Department of Education website.

Attendance Campaign

Knowing how successful students can be when they attend school regularly, we have put together a variety of materials to raise awareness around the importance of school attendance this year and moving forward.

For banners, parent handouts, posters and coloring pages, please visit the Attendance Awareness Campaign website.